Matrix repetitiezaal Erfurt

Matrix, two dimensional acoustic diffuser with a graphic design

The Matrix is an omnidirectional sound diffusor based on the QRD principle.

The sober, graphic design establishes the Matrix as an attractive architectural element. The Matrix diffusor is based on the principle of a bidimensional grid of cells with varying depths. The incident sound wavelets are reflected with specific phase shifts resulting in an omnidirectional broadband sound diffusion. This makes the Matrix highly suitable as a sound diffusor not only in auditoria, theaters and concert halls, but especially in smaller rooms as home cinemas, listening rooms, orchestra pits and recording studios.

The Matrix is standard manufactured in fibre reinforced incombustible gypsum. It is however also available in wood.

sonogamma 05 Matrix


Easy to handle and install
Incombustible fibreglass-reinforced gypsum
Perfectly matches a 60 x 60 cm grid
Wooden version available


The product Matrix is used

Matrix DePluk
Matrix - MFC De Pluk (NL)
Matrix studio Bijloke 1
Matrix - Studio Bijloke (BE)
Matrix Wuppertal 2
Matrix + QR Diffuser - Opera Wuppertal (DE) - Jürgen Lüdwig
Matrix repetitiezaal Erfurt
Matrix - Repetitiezaal Erfurt

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