FilvaT station Nimes 2

Filva-T, translucent sound absorbing aluminium mesh panels

Translucent sound absorbing panel made of a dedicated thin transparent foil clamped between expanded aluminium meshes. The Filva-T absorbs the sound but lets the light through. The thin, flexible panels are washable, weather-proof, UV-resistant and fiber free. Filva-T is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Ideal for use in transparent noise barriers. Filva-T offers broadband sound absorption with only an air space. There is no need for fibrous materials such as mineral wool.

αw 0,6
sonogamma 12 FILVA T


Translucent (40%) sound absorbing membrane panel
For indoors and outdoors
Ultra-lightweight and bendable
Easy to clean


The product Filva-T is used

FilvaT station Nimes 1
Filva-T - Pont du Gard Nîmes (FR) - AREP © Julien Thomazo
FilvaT geluidsscherm
Filva-T – Noise barrier
FilvaT zwembad Nameche 4
Calme & Filva-T – Swimming pool Namèche (BE) - Altiplan

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