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Calme, beautiful panel of porous sintered aluminium with superior sound absorption

Calme is a highly engineered material, representing the culmination of many years of development in advanced sintering and fine-grain metal processing. Aluminium grains mixed with pre-alloyed metal powders are formed into rigid panels in a sintering furnace. Sintering allow the particles to fuse together at a temperature below their melting points; the result is a strong, durable panel, that is nevertheless highly porous. It is the great porosity of Calme that gives it the ability to absorb sound.

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Corrosion- and weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use
Ultra-high sound absorption with an airgap only, no additional mineral wool
Easy to bend and cut, suitable for the design of light objects
Incombustible: A1 in accordance with Euroclass 13501-1



Aluminium particles are heated to just under melting point during the sintering process. This creates open holes that result in a sheet of high porosity of 45%. Thanks to this porosity, the sheet has a superior sound absorbing effect without the use of mineral wool. An air space behind the sheet is all what is needed. The version Smooth is only available in a thickness of 3 mm. The Embossed, Corrugated and Stucco versions can be supplied in a thickness of 2 mm and 3 mm.

Your product played an important role in the design of the atrium and the result exceeds our expectations. Calme Corrugated is a noble material with an interesting texture that manipulates the light in a unique way.

Alessandro Colombo, Cerri & Ass.


The product Calme is used

CALME hotel Chessy
Calme - Hotel Relais Spa Chessy (FR) - Caspari Joseph architecte
CALME corporate Hippach
Calme- Bank Raiffaisen (A) - Architekturhalle
CALME zwembad Nameche 2
Calme & Filva-T – Swimming pool Namèche (BE) - Altiplan
CALME meca bordeaux 1
Calme - MECA Bordeaux (FR) - Bjarke Ingels Group © Sergio Grazia
CALME expo Bologna 5
Calme - Bologna Fair District (IT) - Alessandro Colombo, Cerri & Ass.
CALME rechtbank Lorient
Calme - District Court Lorient (FR) - Mûrisserie Parent Rachdi

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