A diffuser to stop high-frequency echoes

The echo generated from high and midhigh frequencies between hard, opposite walls are detrimental for speech intelligibility and sound quality in general. To control this echo, often called ‘flutter’, sound diffusing Fluttercontrol elements are applied on both walls.

The Fluttercontrol creates an ideal diffuse sound field between 4 and 20 kHz resulting in a warm and natural sound reproduction.

  • One- dimensional high frequency sound diffuser against high frequency echo or flutter
  • Wall cladding with closed joints for a natural sound balance
  • Wall cladding with open joints for additional control of low-frequency resonances
  • Concealed mounting with staples or adhesive
  • Wood with finish in a RAL or NCS colour of your choice Fire-retardant version available
  • Custom sizes on demand
  • Stadthhalle

  • Private studio

  • Studio Bijloke

  • Conservatory J-B. Lully