Cultural buildings often are public spaces with majestic architecture. Our innovative materials are a perfect match. They allow the users to fully enjoy the architectural space without fatiguing reverberation.

The sound-absorbing BASWA Phon ceiling acoustic plaster and the sound-diffusing Fluttercontrol wooden slats guarantee the finest acoustics in this music conservatory.

BASWA + Fluttercontrol - Conservatorium J-B Lully (FR) - Brossy & Associés

The MECA of Bordeaux has integrated Calme as an acoustic wall cladding in its multipurpose halls.

Calme - MECA Bordeaux (FR) - Bjarke Ingels Group

© Sergio Grazia

Fluttercontrol as a sound diffusing wall cladding.

Fluttercontrol - Stadthalle Götingen (DE)