Calme, circular ultrathin soundabsorbing panels

The almost fifty-year-old head office of Van der Spek Vianen has been transformed into a contemporary, remountable and almost energy-neutral building by SchildeScholte architects.

A healthy and comfortable office

During the design process, a strong focus has been given to a healthy and comfortable working environment. For an optimum acoustic comfort, sound-absorbing ultrathin aluminum panels, Calme, have been installed on the wall and ceiling around the main steel staircase.


During the sintering process of the Calme panels, aluminium grains are brought to just below the melting point. This creates a panel with a high porosity (up to 45%). Thanks to this porosity, the ultrathin panel is sound-absorbing, even without the addition of mineral wool. Therefore, only an air cavity behind the panel is sufficient. The unique composition also makes the panel washable, non-flammable and extremely suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, thanks to its timeless appearance, Calme can be applied in various architectural styles.

Discover the special features of Calme

Circular and re-usable

In the design of the stairwell in Vianen, they were looking for a material with high acoustic and fire safety requirements. This is a common demand in circulation areas. In addition, the architectural firm was looking for a circular material. The Calme panels are completely mechanically assembled and carefully documented. This makes it easier to reuse these materials in the future and leaves less waste when demolishing them.


Product: Calme

Project: Van der Spek Vianen Office, NL

Architect: SchilderScholte