Peace and Calme at the heart of the European Headquarters

The railway and subway station Brussels-Schuman at the heart of the European Headquarters, has been the subject of an extensive renovation program. This results in optimal connections between the various modes of transport: train, subway, bus, bicycle, taxi and car with the installation of a Kiss & Ride zone.

Natural light penetrates throughout the two main halls into the subway platforms, acting as a guide for the passengers in the maze of the three subterranean levels. This common light creates a unified sense of space and safety, furtherly enhanced by various artificial light sources.

The large open main halls, the corridors and the platforms all exhibit extraordinarily low noise levels thanks to the installation of the incombustible Calme ceilings.

Project Station Brussels-Schuman
Product Calme
City & Country Brussels, Belgium
Architectural and Engineering offices W.J. & M.C. Van Campenhout n.v. in collaboration with l’AREP (FR)