CALME stadhuis bordeaux 3

Calme decorates the municipal office in Bordeaux

The new municipal offices of Bordeaux designed by the architects Paul Andreu and Richez & Associés features an impressive atrium that serves as a reception and meeting place for the public.

Sound absorbing strips in Calme made of sintered aluminium in a beautiful bordeaux color rendering were integrated into the balustrades of the corridors at the different levels effectively reducing the noise level in the atrium and controlling the reverberation.

CALME stadhuis bordeaux 2
Calme - City hall Bordeaux (FR) - Paul Andreu & Richez Associés

Your product played an important role in the design of the atrium and the result exceeds our expectations. Calme Corrugated is a noble material with an interesting texture that manipulates the light in a unique way.

Alessandro Spitilli, architect