BASWA Protect – Colorless impregnation for all BASWA acoustic surfaces

BASWA Protect is a silane base, alcohol-free impregnator for BASWA acoustic surfaces. Its special formulation is developed to achieve an excellent in-depth water repellency with optimum protection for all BASWA acoustic surfaces. The acoustic performance of the treated surface is not affected by this in any way.

The deep penetration of BASWA Protect into the acoustic system will significantly lower dirt and water absorption. This prevents the immediate ingress of liquids and thus reduces its capacity for absorbing contamination in liquid form and dirt particles mixed in with these liquids.

BASWA Protect is a colorless and long-lasting solution that doesn’t create a film or patina. The impregnation never affects the acoustic performances and it even prolongs the durability of the treated BASWA Phon microporous surface.

Your BASWA Phon acoustic system will stay looking fresh and new thanks to BASWA Protect, making it the perfect addition to an already perfect system!