Sonogamma offers the most versatile natural wood acoustical wall panel and suspended acoustical ceiling systems available today.

These beautiful surfaces are powerful acoustic tools that can reduce reverberation time, eliminate flutter echo, limit unwanted sound reflection and provide noise control in a wide variety of spaces.
When possible, we utilize raw materials harvested from sustainably managed forests and always manufacture our systems with the environment and current sustainable practices in mind.

Sonogamma can help you create unique design elements using acoustic wood solutions for your project.

Below you will find products recommended when looking for wood. Select a product or explore our full range.

QR Diffuser

Broadband one-dimensional quadratic residue sound diffuser

The QR Diffuser (QRD)┬áis the ideal broadband sound diffusor, bases on the quadratic residue theory. The diffusion pattern is independent of the angle of incidence. Thanks to the…

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Quadratic residue sound diffuser with improved bandwidth

The Stepfuser is an improved version of the classic QRD diffusor. The combination of two nested diffusor systems enhances the efficiency: a much larger bandwidth and an optimal…

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Acoustic noise diffuser with graphic nature

The Matrix is an omnidirectional sound diffusor based on the QRD principle. The sober, graphic design establishes the Matrix as an attractive architectural element. The Matrix diffusor is…

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A diffuser to stop high-frequency echoes

The echo generated from high and midhigh frequencies between hard, opposite walls are detrimental for speech intelligibility and sound quality in general. To control this echo, often called…

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