Humid areas that are subject to damp conditions such as swimming pools, spa areas, bathrooms and kitchens are notoriously reverberant. The products used in the modern, timeless architecture are mostly sound-reflecting and need additional sound-absorbing surfaces to create a pleasant atmosphere indoors.

Sonogamma offers exclusive porous aluminium panels highly resistant to corrosion for indoor and outdoor use and tested under extreme conditions of salt water and sunshine exposure.

Below you will find products recommended when looking for water. Select a product or explore our full range.


Washable panels of porous sintered aluminium with high sound absorption

Calme is a highly porous sound absorbing sheet of pure sintered aluminium. Washable, water- and chlorineproof, fireproof, recyclable. Calme can easily be shaped and is convenient for both indoor…

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Washable panels of aluminium fibres between expanded aluminium meshes

Poal is a highly porous sound absorbing aluminium sheet, made of non-woven aluminium fibres pressed between two aluminium meshes. The sheet is suitable for interior- and exterior applications as…

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Transparent, sound absorbing aluminium panels

Transparent, sound absorbing panels made of a thin transparent foil between expanded aluminium meshes. The Filva-T absorbs sound but lets the light through. The thin, flexible panels are…

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