Sonogamma’s all aluminium thermal-acoustic solutions offer excellent sound absorption in combination with thermally activated building systems (TABS). These systems are ideal for combination with renewable (non-fossil) energy resources.

While the reverberation times are effectively reduced, the room temperature is also controlled noiselessly and without generating any airstreams. Thermal-acoustic solutions from Sonogamma make it possible to create a room climate of extraordinary quality and an outstanding sense of wellbeing.

Silent. Steady. Efficient.

Below you will find products recommended when looking for heating & cooling. Select a product or explore our full range.


Washable panels of porous sintered aluminium with high sound absorption

Calme is a highly porous sound absorbing sheet of pure sintered aluminium. Washable, water- and chlorineproof, fireproof, recyclable. Calme can easily be shaped and is convenient for both indoor…

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Washable panels of aluminium fibres between expanded aluminium meshes

Poal is a highly porous sound absorbing aluminium sheet, made of non-woven aluminium fibres pressed between two aluminium meshes. The sheet is suitable for interior- and exterior applications as…

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