Forming the base of most of the rocks, aluminium is the most widely distributed element on earth after oxygen and silicon. All life on earth is accustomed to the presence of aluminium. This metal can be recycled indefinitely without loss of its intrinsic qualities, reason enough to call it the GREEN metal.

Unique to the world, Sonogamma offers sound absorbing materials made from pure aluminium by the process of sintering or the use of ultrafine non-woven aluminium fibres. The panels are suited for wall and ceiling cladding and have a fantastic white silver look along with being extremely lightweight, amazingly mouldable and highly corrosion resistant. Thanks to its outstanding thermal conductivity, it can turn your thermally activated concrete slab into an acoustic absorptive ceiling.

Below you will find products recommended when looking for aluminium. Select a product or explore our full range.


Washable panels of porous sintered aluminium with high sound absorption

Calme is a highly porous sound absorbing sheet of pure sintered aluminium. Washable, water- and chlorineproof, fireproof, recyclable. Calme can easily be shaped and is convenient for both indoor…

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Washable panels of aluminium fibres between expanded aluminium meshes

Poal is a highly porous sound absorbing aluminium sheet, made of non-woven aluminium fibres pressed between two aluminium meshes. The sheet is suitable for interior- and exterior applications as…

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